Mobile Dentist 4/11/22

Dear Parent/Guardian,

All Illinois children in kindergarten, Grade 2, and Grade 6 are required to have an oral health examination. Each child is required to present proof of examination by a dentist no later than May 15 of the school year. If your child has already had a dental examination this school year, but you have not presented proof of this to the school, please provide a copy of the dental examination form by March 31st.  

If your child has not had a dental examination yet, you should make an appointment with your preferred dentist as soon as possible, or your child can be seen by the mobile dentist. The mobile dentist will be coming to Burnham School on April 11th, 2022. All students are allowed to be seen by the dentist regardless of grade level. Dental care will be provided at no cost, or at a discounted rate if your child does not have dental insurance. Students were given a permission slip for the mobile dentist and instructed to bring it home to you. If you would like your child to be seen by the dentist, please complete the form and return it to the school within one week. If you previously filled out the permission slip and your child was seen by the dentist on 9/28/21, they are automatically eligible to be seen for their 6-month check-up, and you do not have to complete the permission slip again. The permission slip can also be accessed online at If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school nurse at 708-862-8636.

Thank you,
Kharina Boone
School Nurse