Soft lockdown 3/15/22

Good evening Burnham Families,

This notice is to inform you that we had a soft lockdown here at Burnham school this afternoon at approximately 2pm.  
A soft lockdown is called when it is necessary to remove student traffic in the hallways, locate a specific student, perform searches, and keep students in a safe location.
This afternoon's soft lockdown was due to disciplinary action within the school.  A soft lockdown implies there is no imminent danger to the student body and it is expected for classroom instruction to carry on.  We wish to always keep you informed and will continue to do so in any case of a lockdown. Burnham School will be sending out updates during a soft or a hard lockdown as best as it can, but its primary responsibility is working to alleviate the issue or concern that warranted a lockdown.  Thank you for your understanding as we do our best to keep our school a safe place for everyone.