Burnham School News

The Lansing Police Department, Calumet City Police Department, and the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force are investigating two shootings that took place within the last couple of days; One in Lansing and one in Calumet City. These two shootings are related and involve past and present students of TF North and TF South. Police have collected evidence in both cases and throughout the investigations, parents and juveniles are reluctant to talk to the police and investigators.

Through the investigation, police are hearing rumors that a lot of people and students know what is going on, who hangs out with who, and know important information that would help assist in solving these cases. If people would share this information, they could save another young person from being shot. We ask that if anyone knows anything about either case, please contact the police, a school resource officer, school counselor, a parent, etc. The Lansing Police Department number is 708-895-7150 and the school resource officer is Kiara Bogan.

The Lansing Police Department and other departments are doing everything possible to stop this reckless behavior and prevent another person from being victimized. We ask that School Administrators and faculty assist in helping stop the violence by talking to students and encouraging them to talk with someone if they know anything.