School Bus
We hope that you are all well! This notice is to inform you of our bus schedule changes and to inform you that our bus company, Kickert School Bus Line Inc., will place an aide aboard the bus to ensure our children’s safety by monitoring and reporting any behavior that is not allowed while riding the bus. Safety is an essential priority; therefore, proper conduct on school buses by all transported students is required. Transportation is a privilege granted to students contingent upon the exhibition of proper behavior, therefore, Burnham Elementary School has established transportation student behavior guidelines that apply to all students. Each student and their parent/guardian is responsible for the behavior of the student before, after & while on school-provided transportation.
The bus aide may write behavioral referrals for students that are not displaying proper bus etiquette with appropriate consequences for misbehavior. A student’s privilege to ride the school bus may be suspended or revoked. Revocation of a student’s bus riding privilege is not considered an exclusion, expulsion, or suspension from school. The district does not provide alternative transportation for a student that has lost his/her riding privilege.

Next week we will be changing our afternoon bus schedule (10/18/21 - 10/29/21).
We apologize for the inconvenience and are doing our best to accommodate all families that require transportation. We will continue this schedule for another two weeks and alternate our late bus between Bus #1 and Bus #2 until another bus driver can transport all of our students at dismissal time. We will keep you updated as we alternate our schedule. 

For morning arrival, both buses will pick up students at 8 am. 
Bus # 2 will depart school at dismissal time (2:50 pm) for afternoon dismissal, and 
Bus # 1 will remain at school until the bus returns for our students at approximately 3:45 pm.

Bus #1 and Bus #2 will depart school at 11:30 am on Wednesday, October 20, 2021, for our scheduled Early Dismissal for School Improvement.