School Uniforms

Uniform Policy 

Parents are required to purchase the correct uniform for their children for the 2021 - 22 school year. 

The Burnham School District 154.5 Board of Education has developed a policy that requires a Student Uniform for all students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Students will be expected to adhere to the Student Uniform Policy when school begins this fall. Please carefully read the Student Uniform Policy and share the information with your family members who will be attending Burnham School. Wearing school uniforms to and from school on all school attendance days maintains and promotes orderly school function, student safety, and a positive learning environment. The uniform which students must wear is defined as follows:

ACCEPTABLE – Clean Khaki “bottoms”: Khaki uniform style pants, and cargo pants, fitted at the waistline, capris, jumpers, skorts, and uniform shorts and skirts of fingertip length or longer. 

ACCEPTABLE- Clean, logo-free, (solid color) Red or Black tops or approved “Burnham School” logo shirts. The style of the top shall be oxford (buttons from neck to shirt tails) or Polo’s (2 or 3 buttons at neckline) long or short-sleeved shirts with collars. Shirts worn underneath uniform shirts/blouses must be solid color red, black or white. Logo-free, solid-colored red, black or grey sweaters, sweatshirts (pullover or zip-up) and vests may be worn over acceptable shirts with collars.

ACCEPTABLE – Black or brown shoes or boots are recommended. Belts are to be solid black or brown. Oversized belt buckles are not allowed. 

NOT ACCEPTABLE AS UNIFORM ATTIRE – Denim of any kind or color, skinny jeans, leggings as pants, jumpers, skirts, shirts or overalls, sweatpants, nylon athletic pants, baggy or parachute pants, or any tight-fitting stretch material or spandex attire.

Please see the Student Handbook for more information about the school dress code!!